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Revista Gestão e Gerenciamento Lorena Luna Maria Letícia Beinichis


The civil construction in Brazil lives a scenario of change. The main reasons are the retraction in the buyer market in housing and commercial units due to the economic situation in the country, the availability of credit, and the lack of projects that cover more than the functional aspect, covering issues, such as sustainability, social inclusion and economical aspects. These facts grow in proportion as we look at cities as a whole, which have pent-up demand in various segments for construction. In this context, there are few questions - how to overcome these difficulties? How to rehabilitate a city to overcome it? A possible answer can be found in innovation, that is, in the proposal of new processes, tools or services, aligned with the customer's needs. Innovating in construction has the potential to be a way to leverage this market segment, as well as the possibility of offering differentiated products to society, which arouse new demands, benefiting users and promoting the change that society needs in terms of urbanization. Smart Cities meet this concept of innovation, these are cities created by means of technologies, with the application of sustainable initiatives that can provide better living conditions, with an impact on economic and social issues. The present work analyzed the Laguna project, in the city of São Gonçalo do Amarante, regarding three aspects, innovation, sustainability and social inclusion, using methodologies, such as bibliographic research, semi-structured interview and field visit, an analysis of the project was obtained, indicating that this is a city with initiatives in the three mentioned aspects and that could be as a model in the restructuring of existing cities.

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GESTÃO E GERENCIAMENTO, Revista; LUNA, Lorena; BEINICHIS, Maria Letícia. SMART CITY LAGUNA - AN ANALYSIS ON INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL INCLUSION. Gestão e Gerenciamento, [S.l.], v. 15, n. 15, p. 35 - 41, jan. 1970. ISSN 2447-1291. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 07 fev. 2023.