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Revista Gestão e Gerenciamento Ellayne Kelly Gama de Paiva


To ensure full access to sites of historic preservation is a challenge. Allow people to access the sites on an equal way, independent of their anthropometric characteristics, capabilities or limitations, is to facilitate access for tourism, leisure and culture. Many times, the obstacles hinder, mostly, the access of residents, because in order to maintain Historical Center alive, there is a tendency to concentrate in this area several public buildings and a large shopping area. This paper seeks to confront historical sites and urban accessibility, as specific legislation is quite restrictive for both cases. In this area, differences between roads and sidewalks, very narrow sidewalks, use of inappropriate materials, coating, lack of maintenance and inadequate provision of street furniture are commonly found. This aspects cause embarrassment to the users, preventing their enjoyment with autonomy and safety. It is necessary that the issue of accessibility leaves the paper and is put into practice to turn historical sites into inclusive places.


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GESTÃO E GERENCIAMENTO, Revista; PAIVA, Ellayne Kelly Gama de. Heritage City, City For All. Gestão e Gerenciamento, [S.l.], v. 15, n. 15, p. 21-28, set. 2022. ISSN 2447-1291. Disponível em: <https://nppg.org.br/revistas/gestaoegerenciamento/article/view/829>. Acesso em: 07 fev. 2023.